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 **Note: violent persecution is alive and well. Names are often changed and faces obscured to protect our co-workers**

August 9, 2014

Excerpt from a letter received from pastor Charles in Uganda who Eyes4Life donated reading glasses to:

“Last week, we distributed eyeglasses to several elderly rural folk who are having issues with their eyes. They came to me from the surrounding villages. It was such a spectacle when some of them received reading glasses. So, praise God!”

February 12, 2014

Dr. Bundy returned to Cambodia and brought his wife, Stacy, with him. They saw nearly 500 patients and dispensed over 350 pairs of eyeglasses.


Speaking to a crowd about eye health at AGAPE International Mission’s school.

You can read more details at Dr. Bundy’s blog.

Our clinics are generally held in someone’s one bedroom home.

This trip was two trips combined into one. The first part was working with OMF Cambodia in the rural far reaches of north eastern Cambodia. The second part was joining up with AGAPE International Mission in Phnom Penh to join their quest to end human trafficking.


March 2, 2013

New year/new trip. In late January/early February 2013 a team headed to northern Cambodia near the borders of Laos and Vietnam. The team consisted of members from Arizona and North Dakota.

Our team partnered with missionaries there who work with the Brao people. More info on Brao here: Joshua Project

Photo from visit to Brao people January 2011

Same fella 2 years later with his new eyeglasses

We saw over 250 people in clinics and handed out over 200 pairs of eyeglasses in just a week. You can read more details at Dr. Bundy’s blog.

Wikipedia spells it out: “Health indicators in Ratanakiri are the worst in Cambodia. Malaria, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites, cholera, diarrhea, and vaccine-preventable diseases are endemic. Ratanakiri has Cambodia’s highest rates of maternal and child mortality, with 22.9% of children dying before the age of five. Ratanakiri also has the country’s highest rates of severe malnutrition.”

November 23, 2011

Yesterday Grace had her surgery. The doctors said that the surgery would take 2 hours but it took 4 hours. By God’s Grace she had her surgery and now she is in lot of pain. Please pray for her that this would be her last surgery, and pray that she will recover soon and receive complete healing.

Thank you all once again for all your support.


NOTE: Grace was left on the doorstep of missionaries when she was only a few days old. Both legs were turned in forming a heart shape (children are often deformed so they can collect more income when begging).  They adopted her, she is now two and has had at least four surgeries. Your donations helped with her latest operation–thank you!


October 16, 2011

Our trip to Southern India with the family including 2 children whose ages are in the single digits blessed us deeply.  It was not our intention, but it seemed the more we gave, the more we received.

My children got to see the beaming smiles as the patients tried on the donated glasses and were able to see.  This is a wonderful ministry for both the giver and the receiver.


My daughter had become ill earlier in the day, and when the widows all prayed for her at once, the power of the Holy Spirit came down so mightily that It could not be denied.  My daughter was healed and happily continued to help and play with the Indian children for the rest of the evening and into the night.

I witnessed these and many other miraculous events with my own eyes.



July 1, 2011

I would like to personally thank Eyes for Life for their global support for the eyes and welfare of the poor throughout the world.

Recently, I visited a poor “slum” in Bangalore, India and thanks to Eyes for Life’s generous contributions, we were able to distribute more than 3,000 pounds of rice to elderly widows in this slum area.

In a prior trip to Southern India, we were able to provide eye care and glasses to poor people in remote villages. For many villagers, this was their first time receiving much needed eye care. It dramatically changed their lives. Thanks again for your support. Eyes for Life is making a global impact in the quality of living for many that would otherwise not receive it.

Thanks again, Dan and Teri


December 1, 2010

Thanks Eyes For Life! Through your support, we handed out 360 Bibles in two different languages (Tamil and Telegu) and over 300 pairs of eyeglasses. The Bibles were placed into the hands of older children who participate in the children’s ministries.

Eyeglasses were given to young and old alike. Many of the eyeglass recipients were women from the sewing centers who need to be able to see their needles better in order to support their families.

I will never forget my visit to Sandra’s Home, an orphanage located in Chittoor. There were fifteen children there all with the most beautiful smiles you can imagine. Realizing the youngest child there (Joy—estimated to be 18 months old) left for dead on the side of the road just a few months prior was tough…she was much smaller than my Lilly.

Dr. Jon Bundy